Coffee subscription
Always excellent coffee, freshly roasted
Always without shipping fees
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Espresso Nightingale – Italian style
Coffee bag for Espresso Nightingale – Italian style
Italian style
Espresso No. 1
6.5024.50 More
Strong Espresso Blackcap
Coffee bag for strong Espresso Blackcap
Strong, nutty and chocolaty
Espresso No. 2
6.5024.50 More
Chocolaty Espresso Hummingbird from Peru
Coffee bag for chocolaty Espresso Hummingbird from Peru
Dried fruit and cocoa
Espresso No. 3
6.8025.20 More
Espresso Pearl Kite from Honduras
Coffee bag for Espresso Pearl Kite from Honduras
Cherry cognac and nougat
Espresso No. 4
6.7012.90 More
Sold out
Ostrich coffee from Ethiopia
Coffee bag for Ostrich coffee from Ethiopia
Earl Grey meets caramel candy
Omniroast No. 10
7.9015.30 More
Fruity Ethiopian coffee Fire Finch
Coffee bag for fruity Ethiopian coffee Fire Finch
Strawberries and cocoa
Omniroast No. 11
7.3014.10 More
Omniroast Goldfinch – sweet coffee from Guatemala
Coffee bag of omniroast Goldfinch – sweet coffee from Guatemala
Sweetness with lots of chocolate
Omniroast No. 12
6.7012.90 More
Coffee Bunter Bird
Coffee bag for Bunter Bird
The chameleon among the birds
Omniroast No. 13
7.9015.30 More
Sleepy Owl - Decaffeinated coffee (Decaf)
Coffee bag for Sleepy Owl - Decaffeinated coffee (Decaf)
Without caffeine, nutty chocolaty
Omniroast No. 14
8.5016.50 More
Quick and easy
For a perfect cup
29.90 More
Chocolaty filter coffee Funky from Peru
Coffee bag for chocolaty filter coffee Funky from Peru
Chocolaty, for all occasions
Filter coffee No. 20
6.5012.50 More
Spicy filter coffee Sunbird from Sumatra
Coffee bag for spicy filter coffee Sunbird from Sumatra
Spicy with low acidity
Filter coffee No. 21
6.5012.50 More
Sold out
Pintail filter coffee from Colombia
Coffee bag for Pintail filter coffee from Colombia
Like fruit tea, caramelly and light
Filter coffee No. 22
6.7012.90 More
Filter coffee Steller's Jay from women's cooperative in Honduras
Coffee bag for filter coffee Steller's Jay from women's cooperative in Honduras
Honey and caramel
Filter coffee No. 23
6.7012.90 More
Gift coffee subscription
Give 3 months of delicious coffee
53.6092.60 More
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Chemex paper filter
100 original Chemex filters
Fine-pored and tasteless
14.90 More
AeroPress filter
350 original paper filters
Fine-pored and tasteless
6.50 More
Hario V60 Dripper
Glas dripper
Size 02
21.50 More
Hario V60 filter
100 original Hario filters
Very fine, high-quality
6.306.50 More
Hario V60 Insulated Server
Keeps your coffee warm
48.50 More
Milk Pitcher
For amazing Latte Art
Black 360ml
20.50 More
Espresso cup
Cappuccino cups
Flying Roasters cup sets
For espresso or cappuccino
3.804.90 More
cloth bag
Flying Roasters Stoffbeutel
Organic and Fair Wear
Limited edition
6.50 More
Coffee bean
Freshly roasted coffee beans
Give someone the gift of coffee
With postcard or voucher code
10.00 More
Hario Skerton coffee grinder
The Skerton ceramic grinder
High-quality hand coffee grinder
39.90 More
Sold out
Wilfa Svart coffee grinder
Wilfa Svart coffee grinder
The perfect entry-level model
129.00 125.00 More
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Espresso machine
Training with espresso machines
How to get the perfect shot
84.50 More
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Coffee tree
From tree to cup
Including tasting
19.90 More
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Coffee roaster
Freshly roasted coffee
Learn to roast coffee
Professional course in Berlin
119.00 More
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Brewing filter coffee
Hario Pour Over Filter Set V60 Filterkaffee
Training on filter coffee
Good coffee with simple means
59.90 More