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Why do we drink wine from different glasses? To have a better perception of its flavors and aromas. Can this also go with coffee? We explored this question with ceramic artist Dimi from Dimudji Ceramics. The result amazed and delighted us in equal measure.

The clear answer is: yes!

With our Cuptasting Set we present you two coffee cups with different shapes. The same coffee tastes slightly different from each cup. We recommend trying both cups with the same coffee side by side and at the same time and paying attention to the differences. You can read more about our explorations here (in German):

We find that one cup (the “A-shape”) goes particularly well with medium and darker roasts. Here, the coffee presents with a bit more body and is very balanced. In this cup, coffees with chocolaty notes and little acidity come out wonderfully. We like the second cup (the “V” shape) very much with light roasts. It emphasizes fruitiness and floral notes. Coffees with a lively, sparkling acidity develop very well here.

But the cups don’t just let your favorite coffee shine in a new light. They simply look great. As if they were meant for each other. The smooth surface makes them feel very elegant. And how beautifully the colors are reflected in the cup, especially in the sun! With a volume of about 120 to 150 ml, they are ideal for espresso and also filter coffee.

Each cup is “Made in Berlin”. Since they are handmade, each product varies a bit in shape. To ensure that everything fits together perfectly, Dimi has combined each pair individually.

Even if the cups are dishwasher safe, we recommend to wash them by hand and only with organic detergents.

Product information:

Diameter top – approx. 8 cm
Height – approx. 5,5 cm
Weight – approx. 100 g
Filling quantity – approx. 120 ml
Material – ceramic

Diameter top – approx. 5,5 cm
Height – approx. 5,5 cm
Weight – approx. 130 g
Filling capacity – approx. 150 ml
Material – ceramic


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