“Blackcap” espresso

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Dark espresso blend – milk’s ideal partner

Certified organic, direct trade

Whole bean

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Our interpretation of the Italian classic as a 100% arabica blend:

  • 45% Peru, Cenfrocafe cooperative, washed arabica
  • 35% Guatemala, Amnsi cooperative, washed arabica
  • 20% Sumatra, Permata Gayo cooperative, washed arabica

Cup profile:

Lots of chocolate and cocoa with notes of black currant. In cappuccino, it reminds you of chocolate pudding.

Recommended for:

Blackcap works wonderfully with espresso machines, but also with fully automated coffee machines and moka pots. And it’s easy to prepare.

Whole beans:

We sell our coffee unground as beans so that you can prepare the coffee as freshly as possible. By grinding yourself, you make sure that all the aromas end up in your cup. After just 30 minutes of exposure to air, ground coffee loses a large part of its aroma. More information is in our FAQ.

If you don’t have a grinder, we can grind the coffee for you. Just let us know in your order under “Order Notes”.

7 reviews for “Blackcap” espresso

  1. Bert (verified owner)

    Nun habe ich unter den hervorragenden Kaffees meinen gefunden: Blackcap – im Vollautomaten zubereitet! “Verdammt guter Kaffee!”

  2. somango (verified owner)

    Unglaublich lecker! 😀 Wirklich sehr vollmundig Schokoladig, mit etwas Kakaofruchtigkeit. Trinke ihn als Cappuccino, mit dem Herdkänchen zubereitet.
    (zu dem noch sehr schneller Versand! Nach 2 Tagen war der Kaffee bei mir:) )

  3. David

    Nachdem wir sämtliche Kaffeesorten ausprobiert haben, sind wir beim Blackcap hängen geblieben. Seitdem wird jeden Monat 1 kg zu uns nach Hause geliefert.
    Wir verwenden eine Siebträgermaschine und mahlen den Kaffee selbst.

  4. Tanja Taller (verified owner)

    Der Blackcap ist superlecker und gut verträglich. Was will man mehr.

  5. Kerstin (verified owner)

    Superleckerer Kaffee! Wir bereiten ihn im Vollautomaten zu und sind begeistert 🙂 Bis jetzt haben wir den Blackcap und den Nightingale probiert. (Trotz meiner derzeitigen Magenprobleme vertrage ich beide gut!) Den Blackcap finden wir noch einen kleinen Tick besser… Probieren uns aber noch weiter durch das Sortiment durch 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Björn (verified owner)

    Sehr lecker mit milder Note

  7. Ralf

    Bin von dem Nightingale auf Blackcap umgestiegen. Ein kräftiger Kaffee nach meinem Geschmack und wirklich sehr, sehr lecker mit Milchschaum!

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The green coffee for Blackcap comes from Peru, Guatemala and Sumatra.

Cenfrocafe, Peru

The Cenfrocafe cooperative was established in 2005 and is located in northern Peru, not far from the Ecuadorian border. With the support of other cooperatives, the goal was to create a base for the many small coffee producers in the mountainous terrain surrounding the city of Jaén. The cooperative now has some 2,500 members.

Altitude: 1,600 – 2,000 meters
Region: Jaén, Cajamarca
Processing: Arabica, washed, manual harvest and sorting
Website: www.cenfrocafe.com.pe

Amnsi, Guatemala

After the end of the 30-year-long civil war in Guatemala, a group of ex-guerrillas from Santiago Atitlán decided on a fresh start with a cooperative. The ideals for which they fought were meant to be transferred to civilian life in this way. The organization that they established was given the name AMNSI – Asociación Maya Nuevo Sembrador Integral, which can be translated as the “Association of New Organic Mayan Farmers”. After intense discussions, the cooperative decided to concentrate on growing coffee because Lake Atitlán is one of the best coffee growing regions in Central America.

When the cooperative was officially established in 1999, not only did 60 member families find a new livelihood but a step was also taken to support the entire community. Diego Tacaxoy, the current representative of AMNSI, says: “With the idea of forming a coffee cooperative, we aim to achieve fair prices for all coffee farmers in the region.”

Altitude: 1,600m – 1,800 meters
Region: Lake Atitlán
Processing: Arabica, washed, manual harvesting and sorting

Permata Gayo, Sumatra

The story of Permata Gayo in northern Sumatra began in 2006 shortly after the 2004 Tsunami and the 2005 Helsinki peace deal between the Indonesian government and the Free Aceh Movement. The cooperative began as a group of 50 founding members and now has approximately 2,000 members in 36 villages in the Bener Meriah Region. Permata Gayo is one of the few cooperatives on Sumatra that tries to carry out democratic decision-making processes and combat corruption.

Altitude: 1,200 – 1,600 meters
Region: Gayo Highland Region – Bener Meriah
Processing: Arabica, washed, manual harvest and sorting


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