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Espresso No. 6

LowCaf-Espresso – 40 % less caffeine

Certified organic, direct trade

Whole bean

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An espresso blend with 40 % less caffeine. A coffee with less caffeine offers a smoother, yet delicious way to start the day, without the restlessness or sleep disturbances often associated with highly caffeinated drinks. This LowCaf espresso is the equivalent of the Blackcap – only with less caffeine.

The green coffee has been decaffeinated using the CO² process, which is also approved for organic certification. A process without chemicals that works purely physically.

  • 40 % Peru, DECAF, washed arabica
  • 30 % Guatemala, ADEBIPROM cooperative, washed arabica
  • 30 % Sumatra, Permata Gayo cooperative, wet-hulled arabica

Cup profile:

Lots of chocolate and cocoa with notes of black currant. In cappuccino, it reminds you of chocolate pudding.

Recommended for:

Napcap works wonderfully with espresso machines, but also with fully automated coffee machines and moka pots. And it’s easy to prepare.

Whole beans:

We sell our coffee unground as beans so that you can prepare the coffee as freshly as possible. By grinding yourself, you make sure that all the aromas end up in your cup. After just 30 minutes of exposure to air, ground coffee loses a large part of its aroma. More information is in our FAQ.

If you don’t have a grinder, we can grind the coffee for you. Just let us know in your order under “Order Notes”.

4 reviews for Napcap

  1. Thorsten

    Aus der Bialetti Bitterschokolade, Bitterschokolade und im Nachgeschmack nochmal sehr lange sehr bittere Schokolade. Dabei wenig Körper. Nicht mein Fall.

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    • Nadine

      Vielen Dank für deine Rückmeldung. Der entkoffeinierte Anteil bringt vielleicht etwas weniger Körper mit als im direkten Vergleich mit dem Blackcap. Es empfiehlt sich daher immer, etwas feiner zu mahlen.

  2. Ruth

    Super Kaffee! Ich habe ihn sehr gerne getrunken. Er schmeckt mit Milch einfach herrlich. Jetzt ist die Packung leider leer und ich sollte schnell Nachschub besorgen.

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    • Olli

      Dankeschön! Das freut uns sehr – wir haben zum Glück Nachschub da 😉

  3. Esther Müller-Reichenwallner

    Voll super. Großer Geschmack. Perfekt zum Nachmittag.

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    • Nadine

      Vielen Dank 🙏🏾 Das freut uns sehr!

  4. Andreas

    Toller Kaffee, der super zur Milch passt. Trinke ihn am liebsten am Nachmittag, wenn ich nicht mehr so viel Koffein, aber noch reichlich Kaffee brauche 🙂

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    • Nadine

      Vielen lieben Dank 🙏🏾 Das freut uns sehr!

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The green coffee for Blackcap comes from Peru, Guatemala and Sumatra.

Cenfrocafe, Peru

The Cenfrocafe cooperative was established in 2005 and is located in northern Peru, not far from the Ecuadorian border. With the support of other cooperatives, the goal was to create a base for the many small coffee producers in the mountainous terrain surrounding the city of Jaén. The cooperative now has some 2,500 members.

Altitude: 1,600 – 2,000 meters
Region: Jaén, Cajamarca
Processing: Arabica, washed, manual harvest and sorting

ADEBIPROM, Guatemala

The cooperative is part of the organisation Manos Campesinas, which helps the producers to market their coffee. Manos Campesinas was founded in 1997 and today consists of 12 associated cooperatives with a total of 1,200 individual members. 95% of the members are indigenous: they speak their own Mayan languages and have their own cultural characteristics.

The members of ADEBIPROM (Asociacion De Desarollo Bienestar y Pro - Mejoramiento) speak the Maya language Mam and live at the foot of the highest mountain of Central America, the "Tajumulco", a no longer active volcano, which is 4,220m high. In the past, the 120 producers were members of another cooperative. But the long distances between the individual producers have made frequent meetings impossible: "The landscape does not offer the best conditions for transparency and democracy". Therefore they moved closer together and founded the smaller ADEBIPROM in 2016. In 2019 we realized our first import with Manos Campesinas.

Altitude: 1.400m – 1.700m
Region: Tajumulco, San Marcos
Varieties: Catuai, Anacafe 14, Bourbon, Typica

Permata Gayo, Sumatra

The story of Permata Gayo in northern Sumatra began in 2006 shortly after the 2004 Tsunami and the 2005 Helsinki peace deal between the Indonesian government and the Free Aceh Movement. The cooperative began as a group of 50 founding members and now has approximately 2,000 members in 36 villages in the Bener Meriah Region. Permata Gayo is one of the few cooperatives on Sumatra that tries to carry out democratic decision-making processes and combat corruption.

Altitude: 1,200 – 1,600 meters
Region: Gayo Highland Region – Bener Meriah
Processing: Arabica, wet hulled, manual harvest and sorting


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