Your great demand and encouraging feedback make it happen: We dare to move from our Berlin Wedding backyard just to the other side of the street 😉 and open a coffee shop there. We want to take this opportunity to make our idea of high-quality coffee and fair coffee trading known to a wider audience. We hope the café and coffee shop – we call it “Kaffeeladen” in German – will be the first address in Wedding and Gesundbrunnen when it comes to excellent coffee. From now on, all coffee sales will take place in the shop.

What does our coffee shop and café offer?

  • Our opening hours got extended. It’s now Monday to Friday, 12 to 6 pm and Saturday, 12 to 4 pm
  • “New” address: Hochstraße 34, Berlin-Wedding – directly opposite the coffee-roasting 😉 See our contact page for directions.
  • Our coffee finally freshly served: as Espresso, Cappuccino and various variations such as Flat White
  • Different types of our fresh coffee roasts on our grinders
  • Cakes and pastries, selected cold drinks such as german “Zotrine”, Premium Cola, “Frohlunder”.
  • Barista and latte art courses as well as other coffee workshops now also in winter and in the shop
  • Large coffee shelf with all our coffees to take away – everything of course freshly roasted!
  • Smaller shelf of recommended coffee books (English and German)
  • All prices as in the online shop
  • More equipment and things to try out
  • It is possible to pay by credit card