We offer a wide range of coffee workshops in our roastery and our coffee shop. From beginner to advanced coffee nerd, there’s a workshop for everyone’s taste. All workshops take place in Hochstrasse, 13357 Berlin. For offices, restaurants or cafés it’s also possible to arrange something in your place. Please get in touch. If you want to book a workshop for someone else as a present, then please let us know so we can send you a gift card if you want.


Barista Workshop Berlin
Training with espresso machines
How to get the perfect shot
94.50 More
Waiting list
roastery berlin
From tree to cup
Including tasting
29.90 More
Waiting list
roastery Berlin
Freshly roasted coffee
Learn to roast coffee
Professional course in Berlin
199.00 More
Waiting list
home brewing workshop berlin
Training on filter coffee
Good coffee with simple means
94.50 More

All coffee workshops include:

  • Fresh fruits, snacks and drinks
  • Informational handout to take home
  • Certificate on the successful participation
  • Depening on the workshop either at our coffee roastery or coffee shop in Berlin
  • Limited number of participants
  • All workshops available also as gift card or voucher

For all further details are in the description of the above coffee workshops.