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Everything you ever wanted to know about coffee but were afraid to ask

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This workshop is only available in German at the moment.
Everything you ever wanted to know about coffee but were afraid to ask.

Morning cup of Joe, office coffee, cappuccino and cake, the espresso after lunch, AeroPress for between… You think you know coffee? Really? What’s behind the drink that’s on everyone’s lips. For everybody who thinks coffee is unbelievably delicious and wants to get to know it better: We can help. We show you where coffee comes from, shed light on its origins, cultivation, harvesting, the different methods of preparation, and of course (we are a roastery after all) we show you how it’s roasted.

Content of the roastery tour:

  • How come we drink coffee, where does it come from, where and how is it cultivated, how is it processed?
  • What does direct trade mean and why do we consider it the new fair trade?
  • What do the following mean in coffee terms: Sweetness, body, fruit? And why does one coffee taste fruity, the other light and the other full and deep?
  • How do we roast coffee?

The roastery tour includes:

  • Coffee tasting


  • Duration: 1,5 hours
  • Price per person: €19,90
  • Location: Of course at our coffee roastery in Berlin
  • Limited number of participants: at least 8, at most 20
  • We reserve the right to call you to postpone the course if the minimum number of participants do not take part.


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