We are a coffee roastery located in Berlin that endeavors to bridge the gap between social commitment and quality. To paraphrase Adorno, we try to live the right life in the wrong one, every day and with relish. We source our green coffee without any intermediates directly from the cooperatives that grow the coffee. This way, we can make sure that our expectations regarding working conditions are fulfilled from cultivation and harvesting, all the way to roasting in Berlin.

We forge new paths in the coffee business when it comes to cooperating with producers: direct, solidarity, fair pay and excellent quality. We have first-hand knowledge about production conditions and agree on prices and delivery terms directly with the cooperative.

But we not only have a close relationship with the producers – our customers are also near and dear to us. Fairness and transparency are central in this respect, too. So, if you have questions, special wishes or suggestions, then get in touch. After all, offices, cafés and individuals have as many different needs as there are different types of coffee. In order to give you insight into our work, we release a transparency report once a year.


What is important to us…