Review guidelines

We are very happy if you would like to review our products. In order for your review to be published, we ask that you follow these guidelines when submitting your review:

  • The review may of course contain your opinion and, if applicable, criticism. However, any form of discrimination and insults will not be tolerated.
  • It is not allowed to leave advertisements for other products in reviews.
  • We do not allow reviews from so-called product testers. You must not have received any financial compensation from third parties for the review.
  • Reviews must be based on your experience with the product and be truthful. Any form of untrue claims and manipulation attempts will not be tolerated.
  • In case of violations of our rating policy, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently block user accounts as well as ratings submitted by them.

Checking mechanisms

We manually examine and check every incoming review. We check the content of the review for logical inconsistencies and other conspicuous features.

As soon as a review contains anomalies due to our checking mechanisms, a detailed manual check of the respective individual cases follows.

All reviews filtered out in this way are checked by our team against our review guidelines as well as undergoing a general plausibility check.

For the plausibility check, we consider the customer’s entire review behavior and also take a look at the content and metadata (e.g., IP address, device ID, date) of the review. In doing so, we check whether the purchase and evaluation of the product are in temporal and spatial relation to each other and whether there are contradictions in the content. In this way, we investigate whether the customer has actually used the product.

  • Example: A customer gives a review of the product the day before it is delivered to him or claims to have been using it for a month, even though the purchase was made only a week ago.
  • Example: A coffee is rated with the inappropriate sentence: “I don’t like the color and workmanship of the T-shirt”.

From the content of the reviews, it is clear that the review cannot match the reviewed product.

We then try to contact the authors of such conspicuous reviews in order to verify the statements in their review, if necessary. If the circumstances are clarified, the review will be adjusted accordingly. If the circumstances for the review remain too vague and unclear, the corresponding review is filtered out. It is not displayed further or not published at all.

All reviews filtered out in this way are not included in the overall rating presented.

There is no stricter filtering of negative reviews or preference for positive reviews. As long as a review meets the above criteria, it will be published regardless of whether it is formulated in a favorable, critical or even derogatory manner.