Manos Campesinas was founded in 1997 and today consists of 15 associated cooperatives with a total of 1,300 individual members. 95% of the members are indigenous: they speak their own Mayan languages and each have their own cultural characteristics. In recent years, we have mainly visited the producers of the ACIPACU, Apecafel and ADEBIPROM groups and purchased organic coffee from them.

The members of ADEBIPROM (Asociacion De Desarollo Bienestar y Pro – Mejoramiento) speak the Mayan language Mam and live at the foot of the highest mountain in Central America, the “Tajumulco”, a volcano that is no longer active and is 4,220 metres high. The 120 producers used to be members of another group at Manos Campesinas. But the long distances between the individual producers have made frequent meetings impossible: “The landscape does not offer the best conditions for transparency and democracy.” They therefore moved closer together and founded the smaller ADEBIPROM in 2016. In 2019, we realised our first import with Manos Campesinas.

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Altitude: 1.400m – 1.700m
Region: Tajumulco, San Marcos
Varieties: Catuai, Anacafe 14, Bourbon, Typica

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