The Taramesa cooperative is located in the Sidama region, around 300 km south of Addis Ababa. It is very large, with 2330 members; however, members cultivate only 0.5 hectares on average. In 2014, the cooperative produced three containers of green beans. In 2016, they doubled their output to six containers. The producers receive 12 Ethiopian birrs per pound of cherries; it was only 4 birrs in 2008.

The cooperative is part of the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union – aka the Sidama Union. As the coffee trade is nationalized in Ethiopia, we can only conclude contracts with the cooperative through the Sidama Union. However, the Sidama Union works very transparently and also offers the cooperative technical and financial support.

Altitude: 1,800 – 1,900 meters
Region: District of Shebedino, Sidama
Processing: Arabica, natural, sun dried, manual harvesting and sorting

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