Roasters United is a group of coffee roasters based in Europe committed to work directly with small farmers cooperatives to promote high quality coffees that are organically grown in democracy. Roasters United was founded in 2012 and since July 2016 it is a registered “Association Loi 1901″ under French law.

The main purpose of the Roasters United collective is to import high quality, organic coffee directly from collectively organised small scale farmers according to our trade policies. We like to call that Socialising Cup Quality. Therefore Roasters United offers the best trade conditions to its producer partners to support encourage economic and social development of coffee growing communities around the world. See a detailed list of our import standards.

In addition the members agree to cooperation and exchange in all areas of their business and try to keep in touch throughout the year. Therefore the group holds meetings twice a year – usually at one of the members facilities – to discuss recent travels and imports, to do cuppings with samples or productions roasts from the members roasteries, to discuss all areas of the business. The annual visits at each of the partner cooperatives are done in changing groups of Roasters United members.

Current members are: