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Espresso Nightingale – Italian style
Coffee bag for Espresso Nightingale – Italian style
Italian style
Espresso No. 1
6.5024.50 More
Strong Espresso Blackcap
Coffee bag for strong Espresso Blackcap
Strong, nutty and chocolaty
Espresso No. 2
6.5024.50 More
Chocolaty Espresso Hummingbird from Peru
Coffee bag for chocolaty Espresso Hummingbird from Peru
Dried fruit and cocoa
Espresso No. 3
6.3023.70 More
Espresso Pearl Kite from Honduras
Coffee bag for Espresso Pearl Kite from Honduras
Cherry cognac and nougat
Espresso No. 4
6.7012.90 More
Ostrich coffee from Ethiopia
Coffee bag for Ostrich coffee from Ethiopia
Earl Grey meets caramel candy
Omniroast No. 10
7.9015.30 More
Fruity Ethiopian coffee Fire Finch
Coffee bag for fruity Ethiopian coffee Fire Finch
Strawberries and cocoa
Omniroast No. 11
7.3014.10 More
Omniroast Goldfinch – sweet coffee from Guatemala
Coffee bag of omniroast Goldfinch – sweet coffee from Guatemala
Sweetness with lots of chocolate
Omniroast No. 12
6.7012.90 More
Coffee Bunter Bird
Coffee bag for Bunter Bird
The chameleon among the birds
Omniroast No. 13
7.9015.30 More
Sleepy Owl - Decaffeinated coffee (Decaf)
Coffee bag for Sleepy Owl - Decaffeinated coffee (Decaf)
Without caffeine, nutty chocolaty
Omniroast No. 14
8.5016.50 More
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