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Chemex paper filter
100 original Chemex filters
Fine-pored and tasteless
14.90 More
AeroPress filter
350 original paper filters
Fine-pored and tasteless
6.50 More
Hario V60 filter
100 original Hario filters
Very fine, high-quality
6.306.50 More
Espresso cup
Cappuccino cups
Flying Roasters cup sets
For espresso or cappuccino
3.804.90 More
cloth bag
Flying Roasters Stoffbeutel
Organic and Fair Wear
Limited edition
6.50 More
Coffee bean
Freshly roasted coffee beans
Give someone the gift of coffee
With postcard or voucher code
10.00 More
Hario Skerton coffee grinder
The Skerton ceramic grinder
High-quality hand coffee grinder
39.90 More
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Wilfa Svart coffee grinder
Wilfa Svart coffee grinder
The perfect entry-level model
129.00 125.00 More